Moschino: It's All about Style Fashion and Comfor
19 Jun

Moschino: It's All about Style Fashion and Comfor

Founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino. Moschino is a leading brand in today's fashion industry. The company specializes in producing all types of fashion wear including ready-to-wear, formal, informal and casual dresses.


Not only this, but this Italian luxury fashion house also offers a diverse range of clothing accessories including shoes, bags, perfume, luggage, etc. Their targeted customers include both men and women and they also provide clothing options for teens and children as well.


So if you ever need some tips on what you should wear on a special occasion or an event, simply browse the Moschino website or visit their store. You'll find your desired style and fabric at there.


Keeping and maintaining its brand image

Since its beginning, the company manages to maintain high standards regarding their quality and services. The creative director of Moschino, Rosella Jardini had worked hard to develop the brand image. Her enthusiasm and devotion towards her work have significantly impacted the outcome of Moschino. With her superb energy and eagerness towards excellence she successfully continues to sustain the brand image and style even after the death of Franco Moschino in 1994. Currently, Jeremy Scott is the Moschino’s creative director, and he also continues the journey of excellence with his first collection which showcased in fall 2014.


Brand Labels

The philosophy behind the creation of Moschino was to offer a diverse range of different clothing and apparel options to people from different walks of life. That is why the company focused on creating various brand labels to cover different types of clothing for both men and women. Currently, the company holds many labels including:


~ Moschino; main line of clothing for women and men.

~ Moschino Cheap and Chic; Secondary line clothing for women.

~ Love Moschino; Commonly known as Moschino Jeans (from 1986-2008), it was women and men's diffusion clothing line.


Besides of these brands labels mentioned above the company also sells different types of accessories, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume and watches under the Moschino brand. Currently, Boutique Moschino is the new secondary line for women which results from the collaboration of the Moschino Cheap and Chic label.


No matter whatever brand label one chooses to buy the quality of fabric will always be 100 percent, and the designs will still be up to date. People don't have to visit multiple places for completing their look. Whatever they need for their clothing can easily be found under the roof of Moschino. With some little effort and tips from our customer service or representatives, one can quickly add creativity to their dressing style.


Moschino Network of Stores

The brand has an extensive network of stores worldwide including mono-label stores, shops- ins- shop, franchises, and corners. Recently the company has opened many mono labeled boutiques in Europe including London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Capri. Other prominently located stores include one in New York and Los Angles (USA), Moscow (Russia), Turkey, Qatar, Dubai (Middle East) and India and China (Asia).


These are just a few of the worldwide stores. In addition, the company also runs online retail websites. People can just visit the site, browse their desired styles and designs and order online. They'll get their required product at their doorstep.


In short, you can trustfully rely on Moschino for any of your clothing requirements and accessories. The company has maintained their reputation of providing outclass and up to date fashion products to their client.